MAS is asking for your help in creating "MORE MAS!".  Join us we raise funds during the month of September to RECORD OUR FIRST ALBUM, become a legit business, & start producing our holiday show! CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR KICKSTARTER PAGE and watch our fun video!

We do our best to make our shows seem effortless, but it ain’t as easy as it looks. Making it look easy is part of the fun. We want to live up to our name and do MORE. So we’re asking for your help.  We understand that "times is hard", so if you don't have money to give, sharing this project with others via email or social media can be just as helpful!   Just copy and paste this link, and put it anywhere and everywhere you see fit!

We hope you’ll consider supporting five gals who are doing their best to raise the standard, demand more of themselves and each other, and create more cool stuff. MAS is all about working hard, laughing harder, and inspiring others to follow their own hearts. Making it happen isn’t nearly as hard as sitting in your room wishing it would happen. We promise. Please join us and help us do MAS!

Laura Matula